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The leading aviation group providing specialised aviation services. Ausjet Aviation Group is a CASA licensed domestic aviation company that holds the largest number of certifications, accreditations and specialist licenses that provides a foundation to offer a wide range of capabilities within the industry.

Our company is operated by a team of experienced pilots, survey specialists and group of engineers and aerial modification experts, providing an innovative approach to Aircraft and Helicopter specialised services. Committed to providing our clients with world class expertise, we're proud to work with State and Federal governments alongside private and public services at competitive rates.

Our services extend beyond traditional charter services incorporating a host of management and maintenance capabilities for private aircraft owners as well as operational competencies.

Our Story

Established in 1991, today we boast 26 years of aviation industry experience through development and growth which has led to Ausjet becoming a recognised market leader in complex aviation solutions. The company maintains a reputation for standards of excellence in safety, service, crew and aircraft maintenance.
Today, the Australasian Jet group provides a wide range of specialist aviation services. Australasian Jet lists over 1400 clients that include many of Australia’s top public and private companies, state and federal government departments, emergency services, media groups and prominent individuals.

Ausjet are proud of their established robust systems in flight operations, maintenance and safety management which continually see’s the company achieve consistent high standards through rigorous external aviation audits. Our company recognises the important role that maintaining customer satisfaction with excellent service plays in today’s highly competitive market.

In 1993 the company successfully won an airfreight contract to operate two DC9 aircraft on the east coast for freight operations on behalf of Ansett Air Freight. The relationship with Ansett Airfreight was extended in 1997 to incorporate a Boeing 727 and multiple F27’s for freighter operations between Melbourne and Perth and up the coast of Western Australia. During this period there was an 80% chance that any Ansett airfreight parcel was carried onboard an Ausjet aircraft.

After the collapse of Ansett, Ausjet had to change market direction and this saw opportunities to thrive in complex aviation environments that most other companies shyed away from. The company expanded into aerial mapping platforms and modifications, Aeromedical operations, surveillance and military opportunities.
Growth for the organisation continued as the company was awarded Linescan contracts with the then NRE in Victoria (DELWP today). A highly successful contract that saw several contract terms re-awarded with growth to our company until the end of 2016. A 23 year continuous service that has seen Ausjet as the longest serving aviation provider to the DELWP and its former agencies. The Ausjet modifications team designed and modified pressurised turboprops to accommodate the daedalus scanner systems and installed two operator stations in each aircraft. The company has successfully operated Fire scan, Fire Attack and Fire spotting aircraft services for over 20 continuous years. In early 2015 the company was also requested to support Western Australian authorities in their emergency efforts.

Australasian Jet has held a contract with the Royal Australian Navy (aircraft and crew) for the provision of highly specialised Air Target Tracking and Towing services for live fire movements for over 16 years. This is a complex and safety critical operation that has over the previous 16 years been completed with nil incidents. This contract has been re-signed for a further 10 years from 2014. The late 90’s also saw the company providing mapping platforms for United Photographic services utilising our Cessna 402B and 404 aircraft.

In the aeromedical space, Ausjet performed three major contracts. The first being the Queensland government awarded Australasian Jet a contract to provide aeromedical support to the Queensland outback based in Roma The contract called for two King Air B200 aircraft be available and pilots rostered 24/7 in support of meeting client’s urgent requirements. In 2006 our company was awarded a second 5 year contract with Queensland Health. Our demonstrated ability to provide a consistently high level of performance is a testament to our understanding of our customers and their core values.

Secondly Australasian Jet, in conjunction with CareFlight NSW, was invited by the Northern Territory government to forward a proposal for an immediate interim support of aeromedical services for the Territory, until such time as the local government could award a long-term contract and confirm a start date.
The proposal involved the provision of four King Air B200 aircraft to be acquisitioned from Norway and recertified to Australian standards. The aircraft were reconfigured with Air Ambulance interiors, aircrew and maintenance support appointed, doctors and nurses trained and the establishment of ground bases in Darwin, Katherine and Gove within a four-month period. A complex and demanding project that Australasian Jet delivered operationally on time, easing the political tension the then Local government faced. Ausjet was contracted for a minimum of 3000 per annum but exceeded and actually achieved over 5000 hours in King Air aircraft in the 12 month period of operation.

Lastly, Ausjet became the only aviation provider outside of the RFDS to hold certification for non emergency patient travel within Victoria. Today, the Australasian Jet group provides a wide range of specialist aviation services. Australasian Jet listing of over 1400 clients includes many of Australia’s top public and private companies, State and Federal Government departments, emergency services, media groups and prominent individuals. Additionally, long-term diverse contracts through the company’s technical expertise and high aviation standards have been acknowledged with companies including; Ergon Energy, BHP/Billiton, Fugro ROAMES, Hydro Tasmania, Australian Navy, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Toll Holdings. This is testament to our performance and customer confidence within the general aviation industry.

Our Head Office incorporates over 2500 square metres of company-owned premises, complete with offices, hangars, engineering facilities and private VIP lounges. The company has Hangar and office facilities in Archerfield, Sydney, Hobart, Adelaide and Jandakot to facilitate our national operations. In Essendon, apart from the head office facility, we enjoy two further hangars for our maintenance and modifications teams. As a Quality Endorsed Company, our commitment to all clients is to provide a safe and professional service at a competitive price.

In 2012, the company was awarded the highest tempo per platform aerial survey program in the world to date by Ergon Energy which became the Fugro ROAMES program. The contract required 2 aircraft on a 365 day basis to achieve 5000 survey flight hours per annum covering 150,000 kilometres of power line survey. Ausjet designed and modified the aircraft to accommodate the proprietary sensor configurations Cycle one was successfully completed in 2013 ahead of target. Cycle two was completed in 2014 and the company is well into cycle five this year. The program is seeing genuine commercial growth with Ergon Energy, Energex and Essential Energy. This expansion has seen further aircraft introduced, bringing the total to 4 aircraft to manage over 250,000 kilometres of power line survey work per annum, spanning across a number of states. The company is flying close to 10,000 hours per annum now on this operation. This high tempo survey operation sees 16 full-time pilots and 6 engineers constantly rotating within Queensland and New South Wales in mobile facilities. Australasian Jet’s mobile CAR 30 approval is unique and allows for the company to audit and approve any facility that meets within its standard and perform scheduled and non scheduled maintenance.

Three years ago, Fugro Spatial Solutions recognised the performance of Ausjet over its own aviation division and operations and made the strategic move to sell their entire fleet to Ausjet. This move brought the aircraft off balance sheet for Fugro and provided a a platform that quickly outperformed their expectations. Ausjet then became their sole provider for Australia and the Pacific Region for FSS operations. Having a long history of the Daedalus Scanners for DELWP in our aircraft but Ausjet also operates a wide range of systems which include the ALS50 Lidars, ADS80 Cameras, Reigl 1560 dual Lidar / camera systems along with custom Trimble systems that have been proprietary designed for the use of vegetation management in bushfire prevention by Power Companies such as Ergon Energy and Essential Energy.

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