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Aircraft: Global Super Tanker

Ausjet have partner with the Global Super Tanker to provide aerial firefighting services across Australia. The B747-400 SuperTanker is the true “Next Gen” air tanker. It joins the worlds fleet of aerial firefighting tankers not only as the youngest VLAT (VERY LARGE AIR TANKER) but with almost twice the capacity of the next largest aerial tanker. The two separate, but identical constant flow systems are pressurized which allows for either continuous discharge or up to 8 segmented drops. Coverage levels range from CL2 to CL8 and above.

Configured with 14 first class seats and 2 bunks for the support staff and additional flight crew, the SuperTanker arrives ready to begin previously coordinated flight operations with the host agency - Ausjet Aviation Group.


  • Number in Ausjet Fleet: On Request
  • Load Capacity: 20,000 Gallons
  • Range: Global
  • Cruising Speed: 600nm / 1111.2kmph
  • Cabin Type: Pressurised / Internal Fire Bombing Tanks
  • Crew Compartment: Yes

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