After a Comprehensive Tender process Ausjet have been successfully awarded the ROAMES Project, Provision of Aviation Operations Contract by Ergon Energy.

The company is very excited by the opportunity to now play a part in the support of the new ROAMES Program. The world leading ROAMES technology, developed by Ergon Energy and its partner organisations, allows the creation of precise, 3D geo-spatial representations of assets such as electricity networks, and comprises specially modified aircraft with sensors that include photographic and LIDAR distance measuring equipment.

As a vegetation and asset management tool, ROAMES is a fundamental part of Ergon Energy’s core business. It will lead to reduced costs, as well as increased safety and reliability of electricity supply.

With approximately 5000 hours to be flown annually by Ausjet, we are pleased to be able to play a part in what potentially will be the next “worlds best practice”.

The Ausjet management are greatfull to its own dedicated team whom have all played their part in demonstrating the capabilities and depth of Ausjet to Ergon Energy / ROAMES.