Cessna 206


General Specifications:

The Cessna 206 aircraft is the true meaning of versatility, when you are talking about multi-tasking. It has the seating capacity and style of its big brother, the Cessna 210, with the benefit of the large double opening rear doors for easy passenger loading. Or, convert it into a freighter and it can carry large items that would not fit through the doors of another aircraft of its size, plus exceed 450kg and fly into remote and short airstrips alike.

Normal Utilisation Leisure / Freight


  • Number in Ausjet Fleet: 4
  • Passenger Seats: Up to 5
  • Range: 500nm + / 900 Km
  • Crew: 1 or 2
  • Cruising Speed: 130 Knots + / 234 Kmph
  • Cabin Type: Non-pressurised
  • Baggage Capacity: Rear Lockers
  • Rest Room: No
  • Galley: No