Cessna 337


General Specifications:

The Cessna 337 is a unique twin engine aircraft, as the engines are mounted in the front and rear of the fuselage creating a greater viewing area from the cabin. This feature, along with the high wing, lends its self to aerial photography, aerial spotting and general sight seeing. It also has short runway capability allowing it to deliver you into major airports or take you into remote unsealed bush and mining strips with the same ease.

Normal Utilisation Business / Leisure /Government / Aerial Spotting

General Specifications:

  • Number in Ausjet Fleet: 1
  • Passenger Seats: Up to 3
  • Range: 900nm + / 1,620 Km
  • Crew: 1 or 2
  • Cruising Speed: 140 Knots + / 252 Kmph +
  • Cabin: Non-pressurised
  • Baggage Capacity: Rear Locker
  • Galley: No