Cessna Titan


General Specifications:

The Cessna 404 Titan is an extremely versatile aircraft. As well as undertaking passenger charters for groups of up to 10 passengers who require range / speed and comfort, the Titan has a cargo carrying capacity of more than one tonne when configured for freight operations. Furthermore, by way of a large rear door, the Titan provides one of the best in-flight photographic platforms in the country.

Normal Utilisation Leisure / Mining / Government / Freight


  • Number in Ausjet Fleet: 2
  • Passenger Seats: Up to 10
  • Range: 1,028nm + / 1,850 Km +
  • Crew: 1 or 2
  • Cruising Speed: 180 Knots + / 324 Kmph +
  • Cabin: Non-Pressurised / Air-conditioned
  • Baggage Capacity: Forward / Rear / Wing Lockers
  • Galley: No

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