Gulfstream G450



  • Total Passenger Capacity: 16 plus flight attendant
  • Range: 4,350nm/8,061km
  • Cruise Speed: 459 knots/850kmph
  • Year of Manufacture: 2010
  • Aviation Safety: Enhanced Vision System

Baggage Capacity

    • Max Volume: 169Cu Ft/4.8Cu M
    • Luggage is accessible in-flight

Cabin Equipment

      • Cordless Satellite phone system (3 handsets)
      • DVD players, LCD screens
      • Audio system, MP3 player
      • Apple iPads
      • Airshow with interactive, real time updates from CNN and BBC
      • Fax machine and printer
      • Two lavatories (one forward, one aft)
      • Separate crew compartment (3 cabin zones)

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