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Aircraft Charter

Executives, business owners, government departments and individuals alike, call us for a tailor-made travel plan around your schedule.

Aerial Survey

Providing aerial survey solutions to a number of state governments, Ausjet's experienced pilots and large fleet are the nations survey specialists.

Mining F.I.F.O

Let us tailor a solution that works for you and your staff in the mining industry. We provide reliable fly in and fly out services on a regular basis.

Aerial Fire Support

For the past 20+ years Ausjet Aviation Group have worked closely with most Government Fire Agencies across Australia. Read more.

Aircraft Management

This solution is for individuals and companies who require the benefits of a dedicated aircraft for their travel needs without the operational hassles.

Fixed Base Operations

When you enjoy the convenience and comfort of private air travel, you deserve the same on the ground. Call us today to learn more.

Aero Medical

We have been conducting aero medical services for many years now, with missions including organ transfers around Australia for life saving surgery.

Remote Operations

Ausjet have developed a unique solution for companies that require aerial services in remote locations that have a lack of local facilities. Learn more today.


Ausjet take pride in our quality maintenance processes, procedures and capabilities. Call us to learn more about how we can help you with your aircraft.

Target Towing

Since 1996 Ausjet Aviation Group have worked with the Australaian Navy to provide a target towing solution for training purposes out of Victoria.

Helicopter Charter & Joy Flights

As a major shareholder of The Experiences Group. The company offer city scenic tours around Melbourne and Sydney. Call us today for a quote to charter a helicopter.

DC3 Day Tours

Experience the delights of King Island. A mecca for foodies, what better way to get to everything this iconic island has on offer than in our immaculately maintained DC3.


Ausjet Aviation Group is a CASA licensed domestic aviation company that holds the largest number of certifications, accreditations and specialist licenses. Ausjet provide a foundation that offers a wide range of capabilities within the industry.


With over 26 Years of experience you can rely on

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